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VP Sales & BD
B.Tech- Chemical, MBA

In Helium age is not a factor for position and success. Responsibility for me has come with maturity and maturity in turn was earned from hardwork and serving my customers for Long-Term Values

VP Services
B.Tech (Chemical Engg.)

Balance is the motto of balance leads to being effective and happy. Helium has offered me the chance to lead a work-life balance thus ensuring I can deliver at the peak of my capability. For me the inspiration to work has been the faith our customers have reposed in us.

Sales Manager- India Business
B.Tech (Chemical), 2 years in Helium

Some of my first calls from Helium as a sales executive was to key decision makers of fortune 500 companies…. The confidence I have today in understanding and articulating a Senior Executive’s vision is something most of my friends are envious of.

Engineering Trainee
Fresh Campus Hire in 2014 from LIT

My Mentor Inspired and Encouraged me to Fulfill my Highest Potential. He is constantly working with me to resolve my technical capabilities. I have also found a great set of friends both at work and out off office here at Helium.

Consultant- MES
B.Tech- PEC. Joined after 4 years in Production

For me, the shift to software was perfect as I am very good with Technology and yet I wanted to use my Production Experience to good use. At Helium I have experienced Team work- a feeling that regardless of differences, we march shoulder to shoulder, summing it up in five short words: “We believe in each other".

Software Engineer
Joined Helium from campus and been here for 2 years

I work on multiple technologies in the software space and I like that. While many of my friends are building knowledge on one platform, being in smaller team I get exposed to multiple technologies and yet get to build knowledge so critical for success. I also believe that I handle more responsibility than most peers my age.